How you deal with a failure determines whether or not you ever get to deal with success.

The entire experience of selling is one of frequent refusal interrupted by occasional acceptance.

Go ahead screw up fall down, embarrass yourself a lot fast.

The best thing about being in business yourself is that there isn’t anybody to give a letter of resignation to when going gets tough.

Industrialist C F Kettering said, No One ever would have crossed the ocean if he could have got off the ship in the storm.

For more success comes from persistence than from invention or investment.

There is lot to be said for simply not giving up.

Failure transforms itself to success purely as result of persistence.

Earnest Hemingway reportedly rewrote the “old man and the sea” two hundred times and tried forty four different endings for “A Farewell to Arms”

Failure is like a Patient Teacher who keep telling us that no that won’t work, try it little differently or may be a lot differently.

Keep trying slightly different approach but keep trying.

Also by looking for the concealed opportunity. To quote proverb and adages: Nothing is either good or as bad as it first appears to be and whenever one door closes, another opens.

There are exceptions but all depends upon your mindset how you deal with the situation.

Third, taking prompt, decisive action. Stopping is worst thing you can do. Just imagine the athlete Michael Jordan, how many shots he missed (failure) in his entire career how many crucial shots he missed.

One thing is certain that even though he missed 10,20, 30 shots also he would have not gone on the bench and said himself it is over I am skipping the game.

Action is true antidote to most problems.

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