Ego can drive your win, Desire for achievement can drive you to win.

Desperation also can drive you to win, but the most important thing is Resiliency.

Resiliency is must to keep winning.

Desire for achievement can even create frustration and stress that interfere with success.

But resiliency always contributes to winning.

In many instances’ sales slump represents decline of resiliency.

When a salesperson gets into slump. He can often be observed avoiding confrontation, procrastination reducing quantity of activity finds it more difficult to bounce back from refusal.

Logic says it is better to turn up activity notch or two, redouble the efforts and play through slump faster but that required great resiliency.

Resiliency can be programmed to self-image, you need to create an image of yourself as kind of person who is immune to temporary disappointments or setbacks who can withstand occasional tough times with dignity and calm confidence and bounce back quickly from adversity.

We all have an experience of resiliency.

There are times in your life when you have been resilient.

As a child when you fell over trying to ride bicycle, did you get right back after falling?

In your selling career did you rebound from a very disappointing experience, beat out of an account by competition and secure even bigger deal.

Recall every example of resiliency from your past and present it to your self-image and tell your self.

Look I have been resilient throughout my life and have ability to bounce back quickly.

I am going to strengthen and emphasize this characteristic.


                                 AVOIDANCE                                                                 RESILIENCY                       ZERO 



                                STATUS QUO                                                                 CHANGE

I am the kind of person who take hit but bounce back faster.

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