How to Sell when People don’t want to buy!!

It is said that any one can sail the boat with direction of wind, it is the one who sails the boat against wind gets famous.

Selling and sailing similar. If You can’t or won’t sell in adverse conditions usually can’t or won’t sell in usual or Ideal gifted conditions.

As Clem Stone said, selling is contingent upon the attitude of the salesperson not the attitude of the customer.

Actually people always want to buy, at times they may try controlling their buying impulses more than at others.

They may have in their heads thoughts of can’t afford it, better to wait, but impulse control losses out to white hot lust every time.

People suspend logic discipline, pre conceived ideas, moral beliefs and anything else required to get what they really want.

People routinely, grossly outrageously over pay for particular pieces of real estate, designer shoes, hotel rooms at certain resorts because they desperately want STATUS, and grudging envy of others.

What people REALLY want governs their behavior most of the time.

If you find people reluctant to buy what you are selling there are only four possible explanations.

. You are selling to the wrong people or person
. You have failed to connect what you are selling with what they really want
. You are not putting maximum effort to push through whenever it is needed
. You are selling at the wrong time.

Never blame circumstances or economic conditions for your poor sales results.

If you think that every time customer will come running to you to the buy your products you are grossly mistaken.

Time has come to reach each and every possible buyer of our products.


Taher Parawala
Happy Selling.

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