We all human being live in two limits as shown in the picture below.

Outer boundary represents Real Limits, whereas dotted line represents self imposed limits.

We live in imposed limits of “IF”, “Can’t” and “Impossible”

Over indulging in self imposed limits of above three results negatives in Big 4 of Life. The Big 4 areas of Life are

  • Self Esteem
  • Self Image
  • Self Confidence
  • Self Discipline

There is one big dot on the dotted line that is bolder, blacker and bigger than all others.

When you bust through that dot, you will be able to collapse whole dotted line which results into your expansion of limits.

For example if you are doing job and you always think that you can’t enter in the business thinking you don’t have experience of that particular field you are thinking under the dotted line. When you start thinking that every person on the earth takes the first step, he either have very less experience or no experience.

But you can’t sit idle thinking you don’t have experience you can’t do the business.

You want to start new product line but thinks that you don’t have enough resource for that or what your customer will think about you is again thinking in the dotted line.

Similarly in sales if you think that the prospect who is doing the business with your competition will not buy from you is thinking under dotted line, But what if you find out what are the areas where your product fit much better and you try to convince the prospect that areas matters him more than the other areas.

When you push that box out you increase chance of your success, chance of increasing your income.

Never stay in the world of dotted lines.

Expand the horizon, Expand the income.




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